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Entry Form

Note: there are limited entries!
Namedsport - the Official TDF Nutrition sponsor will be available for riders to fill their bottles & try out

The entrants are liable for their own safety as there is no road closure. Please note that entrants will be COVID screened upon arrival at entry table. We are going to do the event WITHOUT numbers to eliminate transfers & contact – so bear with us please, luckily Danielle & Melanie know all of you . All masks/buffs need to be kept on until 10min before start. No gathering pre or post-event – riders are to arrive, warm up individually, ride and leave the event after completion. Spectators will be asked to avoid the riders & stay at their cars & maintain social distancing, masks on at all times! If you feel sick or have been in contact with anyone that has Covid, please avoid the event! A 300ml bottle of coke will be available after your ride. We will still decide on prize giving and the structure thereof..

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